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Sep. 30th, 2008 @ 12:41 pm Need Housing
Needed quick:
-Move in before Oct. 8th
-Air conditioned
-Short term (month to month, 3 or 6 mo., if things work out can be longer)
-All inclusive - Util/cable/internet included

-Own bathroom (don't care how many roommates as long as I have my own bathroom)
-Close to the gov square mall area (new job will be off blairstone across from the mall)
-Pets allowed (I only have a salamander in a tank and may have friendly dog for visits)
-Washer/Dryer accessibility

I will be traveling to Tallahassee in the next few days to check out prospective living situations, please call if you may have something for me to consider: 561-350-9998
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